Aggiungi l'icona CAMP su smartphone: Leggi la guida

CAMP, the "all around you" tool for campers

You can easily and quickly find campsites, farm campsites, equipped areas, but also camper and caravan dealers, service workshops, events, festivals, fairs, all "around you" or you can plan your trips with maximum savings by checking the offers of the structures

We are aware that there will not be everything on CAMP, in fact there will be no stopping points, public camper services, in short, all the structures and services that are not managed and that do not have at least a reliable telephone number.

We made this decision because we want CAMP to be a tool you can always rely on to have accurate and reliable information, and we consider a car park or camper service managed by no one to be unreliable, as parking could be prohibited to campers or a public camper service could become unusable.

We want the structures and companies present on CAMP to be able to help the Italian, but also European, motorhomers and campers, because CAMP is born in 5 languages ​​(Italian, English, French, German, Dutch) so as to indicate the Italian structures that can welcome them with the utmost reliability or provide professional assistance.

Obviously, CAMP can be seen perfectly on the smartphone, because we know that 90% of people who spend their holidays in the open air get information using their mobile phone, especially when they are traveling.

But that's not all! CAMP allows you to find a convenient holiday thanks to the offers that the structures decide to publish. So with CAMP you can spend holidays in the name of maximum savings!

How is CAMP used?

Tutorial: how to add the CAMP icon on the Home screen of your smartphone

Tutorial: how to find structures with the map

Tutorial: how to search for accommodations with the search field

Tutorial: how to search for events

Why will the information always be up to date?

CAMP, the site of facilities that was missing

You will surely have understood the extreme ease of use of CAMP and the speed of finding the information you are looking for when you want to find it. And you can contact and reach the chosen structure with a simple click.

We are sure that you will put CAMP among your favorite sites on your computer or create a link on the background of your smartphone, so that you can access immediately and find useful information for your holiday quickly and easily.

One last detail, the use of CAMP is completely FREE for EVERYONE.